1. Repl.it Setup

The name REPL stands for Read-Eval-Print-Loop – an interactive, typically console-based, programming environment. However, repls at Repl.it have exceeded that definition and are now capable of much more.

A repl at Repl.it is an interactive programming environment. You can create a workspace in any number of languages, where you are given a container on a virtual machine where your code can run. In any given repl, there are two main parts – the editor and the console.

Registering for repl.it is free and just requires a minute! Head over to the signup page and fill out the registration form. Once the form is submitted, you will be navigated to the Sessions View, and that is the dashboard where you will see the repl.its you have created.

Go through this article to understand how easily you can create a new HTML/CSS/JS project! Additionally, skim through this article and once done, create your first sample repl.it using just HTML!

Task 1.4 – Familiar Yourself with HTML

Following the articles above, create 2 additional repl.it projects using only HTML. Don’t worry if your code isn’t 100% accurate right now. If you wish, you can even copy and paste from external resources (example-1 and example-2).