Assignment 3.1

With the newly gained knowledge of HTML and CSS, let’s do another assignment.

For this assignment, you are going to create a basic form.

Once again, be sure to use SEMANTIC HTML elements and use your best judgment when it comes to font choice and color combinations.

In order to earn a passing mark, your form needs to include the following criteria to earn a passing mark:

  • All form elements below are placed inside a form field
  • A form title
  • Input fields for First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number
  • A dropdown list with a question and at least 3 selections
  • A radio button field with a question and at least 3 selections
  • At least one button, preferably two
  • A background color


Below is the screenshot of what a completed form may look like:

Note: This assignment should take you about 2 HOURS to complete. If you encounter any issues, please review the previous chapters or do some research on the internet using resources such as MDN or StackOverflow. Be sure to talk about this assignment and any other questions and/or findings you have during your next mentor call. Good luck!