Assignment 3.2


The goal of this chapter’s assignment is to build a responsive Personal Portfolio page where you can represent who you are and showcase your work.Β 

We already built a template for this assignment. You can go ahead and modify this template and make your own. When you are making those changes, try to understand how both HTML and CSS work together in order to create a responsive website. You can learn more, by practicing yourself. For Bonus points, see if you can add new sections to the Profile page.

Click here to navigate the assignment.

Send the link of your work to your Mentor over Slack.Β 

Explain your work to your Mentor during the next session.

Guidance to solve:

  • In this assignment if you will modify index.html page, where you will find there are a bunch ofΒ  @TODO blocks that you will need to replace with your own information.Β 
  • If you don’t have all the information based on the section don’t worry, you can put some dummy text or images in order to complete this assignment.