Assignment 3.4


The goal of this chapter’s assignment is to build a responsive website for a company This website will contain three pages.

  • Home
  • About
  • Services

β€˜Home’ page only provides an overview of the company and what they are doing.
β€˜About’ page contains the details of the Company.
Services page contains all the services they are providing and the prices for the service.

This website should be responsive and users should be able to access the information through desktop, tablet as well as phone.

We are providing a demo site where you can follow and build your own.

Click here to navigate the example website. Try to build your own website similar to it. Feel free to use your ideas, while keeping the similar structure and navigation.

Send the link of your work to your Mentor over Slack.
Explain your work to your Mentor during the next session.


Guidance to solve:

  • In order to complete the website you can just follow the checkpoints you have completed. Start with creating a plan on paper first!
  • You have to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and if any additional plugins you want to use such as Font Awesome, Bootstrap or maybe any animations, fading, etc.Β 
  • You can look at the β€˜Page Source’ to see the HTML, CSS and JavaScript of the example website for reference.Β 
  • Spend a good time coding it by yourself, prior to looking at the code!