Capstone Project III (with peers)

As you may have realized, the best learning happens when you work on implementing a Project! It stretches you to think out of the box and also gives you the confidence that is required to crack the technical interviews.

We recommend doing this project with your peer(s) so that you also gain some peer-programming experience, which is crucial to be a successful Team Player at your job.

Steps to get started and complete the Project:

  • Contact your Personal Mentor who can connect you with the peer(s) for this Project
  • Meet with your peer(s) to decide Project Topic
  • Brainstorm and lay out initial architecture and Design for the project on virtual whiteboard
  • Use task management tool (such as Trello) to write down the tasks
  • Distribute the tasks amongst yourself and start coding!
  • Submit your project to your Personal Mentor for a review
  • Add the project to your Personal Profile

Feel free to check with your Mentor if you have any questions, however the goal is really to be able to work on this with minimal support from your Mentor! You are more than welcome to do additional projects with your peers or on your own. We have found that students with 3 to 4 quality projects in their profile have much better chances of landing a great job within the first 2 to 3 months after the completion.

We want to thank you for being our student. Best wishes for your career & let’s stay in touch!