Mock Technical Interviews

As you are probably aware, you will need to master your technical interviews in order to land your dream job!

Preparing for technical interviews is a vital step in the job-search process. There are numerous books, articles, and YouTube videos available that will provide you with excellent advice and tips for success. Please feel free to refer to those; however, participating in Mock Interviews will provide you with the experience you need to be confident during your actual interviews!

Once you have completed your preparation, we recommend that you contact your personal mentor to schedule the following interviews –

  • Mock Interview I (Includes topics from the ‘Web Development’ section)
  • Mock Interview II (covers topics covered in the ‘Full Stack Development with MERN’ section)
  • Mock Interview III(Optional – any particular topic where you need more practice)

All of your Mock Interviews will be graded, and you will be given feedback on the areas that need to be improved. If you have any questions, please contact your Personal Mentor or Career Coach. Best wishes!