React & Redux Assignment


This week our goal is to build a contact management system by using React & Redux. Where you can create new contact, update existing contact and delete any contact.

Assignment Link:

Click here to navigate the example application.

Solution guidance:

  • Create the react application by running this following command on your terminal/command prompt npx create-react-app your-app-name
  • One the application creation is done, type the following command to get into your app directory cd your-app-name then type on terminal npm start to run the application. You can follow this reference
  • In order to build the frontend quickly you can use this two popular libraries Material-UI or React-Bootstrap
  • For icon packages you can use Material Icons or Font Awesome 
  • In order to store the contacts you can use JavaScript localStorage since we are not using any database service at this moment.
  • You along with the other packages you need to install the following packages for Redux additionally. Packages are : npm install react-redux, npm install redux, npm install react-router-dom, npm install redux-devtools-extension, npm install redux-thunk and for generating encrypted contact id you can use npm install uuidv4
  • If you think you’re stuck on at some point, please go through our Github code repository and take some help from there.