Writing your Resume

It is strongly advised that you write a one-page resume.  Recruiters don’t spend much time looking at a resume.  Putting only your strongest items down means that recruiters are more likely to read those bits and be impressed with your resume. Your work history should only include things that show your ability to code.

For each job, you list your accomplishments so that it reads that you accomplished something by implementing whatever led to such and such an outcome. You want people to know what you did, how, and what the results were. It is best if you can show measurable improvements in your outcomes.

For your project section, include a handful of projects at most.  Adding too many projects can clutter your resume with small, unimpressive projects.

For languages, include the languages you have used and your level of experience with each one. Such as JavaScript(expert), Java(proficient), and Sass (prior experience).